Introducing Vacuum Technology

No matter how glamorous the interior may appear, conventional luxury portable loo trailers recirculate other people's waste to flush the loos and they use a blue dye to mask the inevitable odours and poor hygiene.
Vacuum flush technology is the clean, odour-free, fresh water alternative and our WC2 and WC3 loos deliver a truly clean and efficient result all the way through your event.

Fresh water flushing    No blue chemicals    Eco friendly

The conventional recirculating 'blue dye' approach

Traditional luxury portable toilet trailers come in all shapes and sizes but they operate using recirculating chemical technology.

This means that each time a loo is flushed the waste is just recycled to refill the cisterns and flush the loos.

A blue chemical dye has to be added to mask the odour that is inevitable with such a system although it can't solve the problem of an inherently unhygienic system.

The more the loos are used during an event, the more the chemical deteriorates and the facilities can start to become very unpleasant.

The reason ordinary portable loos can't use fresh water to flush is because each loo requires about 6 litres of water per flush and over the course of a typical event with thousands of flushes this would add up to a vast amount of water and waste that could not be contained within the on-board tanks.

How our vacuum flush technology works

Our WC2 and WC3 toilets are totally different from the traditional chemical approach in that they use JETS vacuum technology.

There are no chemicals and unlike the conventional luxury loos no waste is recycled for flushing. Just 0.4 litre of fresh water is used for each flush in combination with the vacuum system. With every flush stale air is sucked out of the cubicle and fresh air is introduced from outside.

Not only is this much cleaner than traditional chemical toilets but it is also an improvement compared with your typical domestic WC as there are no splashes during flushing and overall water use is greatly reduced, which of course is much better for the environment.

Available on our WC2 and WC3 ranges.

Our range

Vacuum technology Only 0.4l per flush

WC2 loos

WC2 combines sophisticated style with the latest fresh water vacuum technology to deliver a level of refined luxury demanded by great events.


WC3 loos

An exclusive product designed and built by Classic Chambers. WC3 is perfect for spectacular weddings and parties as well as for events with VIP enclosures and it represents a great combination of state of the art technology and style.


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